Last Lap: Thursday’s Odds and Ends In Music News

by Blog Burger on June 10, 2011

We try to cover all the music stories that matter here on the VH1 blog. Sometimes, though, we find too many stories to cover, stories that don’t exactly “matter” but are worth sharing, or even just good stuff from our peers. Here’s your Thursday roundup:

Flo Rida Arrested for DUI in Miami
TMZ reports that Flo Rida attempted to decline a walk-a-straight-line test: “Officer, I can’t do this. I don’t feel I can’t walk a straight line. I had a few drinks. Let’s try another test.” [Rap Radar]

“Vato” (Taco Bell-themed Spoof On Kanye‘s “Monster”
Maybe it’s the Weird Al fan in us, but we can’t resist a good food-themed parody (see also “On to the Next Lunch”). And we’re pretty certain that this isn’t viral advertising, which makes it even better. [Vulture]

Alternate Treatments for the “Pitchfork Thriller”
After yesterday’s Los Angeles Times report that the Duplass Brothers (directors of Cyrus) have been shopping a script about a dramatic thriller about an indie rocker’s mother who tries to avenge her son’s death by tracking down a hypercritical Pitchfork writer, Eric Harvey wrote some alternate treatments for Sound of the City.

Drake Digitally Releases New Song “Marvin’s Room”
Drake posted a link to download “Marvin’s Room,” from his forthcoming album Take Care, on his blog today. He promised a single from the record next month. [Rap Radar]

Numero Group Declines Agreement With Apple’s iCloud
Acclaimed (by Jim James of My Morning Jacket, among others) reissue label Numero Group blogged yesterday about their decision not to join up with iCloud, fearing that the scope of the Apple product will prove untenable for smaller labels. No other labels have made such official announcements; the four major labels have all signed on. [Pop & Hiss]

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