Royce Reed Hints At A Surprise Reconciliation On Basketball Wives…But With Whom??

by Blog Burger on February 25, 2012

In a recent interview with Loop 21, Royce Reed hinted at many things to come in this season of Basketball Wives and the state of her relationships with the rest of the cast. She also talks about her current relationship, with Tampa football player Dezmon Briscoe. First, about her love life, she says “He knows my ring size and what I like. We talked about the future and a family and he’s really good with [my son] Braylon. He has a son himself, but I don’t know. I finally found the one after so many times.” She also talks about the past relationships that she’s shown on the show, saying “You’ve seen me in two relationships prior to this. Dwayne, I was with for nine months and I ended that because it didn’t feel real, and you saw me dating Brian, but he and I were never official, we were just dating. I’ve never been a serial dater. I’m that girl that can only date one person at a time because I don’t want to call someone the wrong name [laughs]. But this one I met and it was kind of instant. It happened really fast and now we’re seeing how it works.”

And as for her relationships with the rest of the cast, she’s cryptic, but it seems to us that she’s making amends with some people. Royce tells the site “Tami [Roman] is still my girl, Suzie [Ketcham] and I are cool, I love Kesha, and as far as anything else goes on the show, I think you’ll be surprised at who I end up making up with.” Is it Jennifer? Evelyn? Shaunie? Place your bets now!

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