Celtics Rajon Rondo did everything but win in Game 2

by Blog Burger on June 1, 2012

MIAMI — Maestro, magician, enigma, visionary, ringmaster. Rajon Rondo is hard to describe. Con artist, contortionist, inventor, aviator. But delectable to watch. Rondo plays basketball the way jazzmen make music. He improvises. He links unpredictable moves together like Thelonious Monk linked unorthodox notes together, creating a string of pearls. He ventures off on solos but always comes back to harmonize with his bandmates. The Miami Heat could not silence Rondo’s virtuoso performance in the first half of Wednesday’s Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals. They used canny defensive methods to prevent him from soaring for most of the second. But the former Kentucky star led Boston…

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