Evelyn Lozada Talks Lie Detectors And Wishing She Was Rihanna’s Thong On Big Morning Buzz Live

by Blog Burger on June 14, 2012

We spoke to Evelyn Lozada before she went on Big Morning Buzz Live today and though she re-stated what she told us about Jennifer (there’s still progress to be made, but they “can coexist”) she actually gave some interesting info that we never even thought to ask her: what it was actually like to take that lie detector test at the reunion. Ev says she was all strapped in and felt like a guest on Maury Povich while it was happening, but that without the test, her true feelings never would have come out. Watch the clip above to see what else she had to say about her evolution this season. And watch to the very end because when she’s asked about what item of clothing she wishes she could be, she really creates quite the image with her response.

Evelyn Lozada Big Morning Buzz Live

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