South Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich

by Blog Burger on June 15, 2012

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2 each Rolls really good; really fresh
8 ounce Cheez Whiz the only true Philly ingredient
2 tablespoon Butter
1 large Onion
1 tablespoon Oil or butter, for frying
4 each Sandwich steaks frozen
Condiments to taste

Put Cheez Whiz on top of a double boiler with butter. Heat until soft and drippy. Keep warm over hot water while you prepare steaks.

Slice onion and fry in butter or oil on griddle. When golden brown and squiggly, scoot onions to side of grill and slap on a couple slabs of prefab frozen sandwich steaks.

When brown on one side (about a minute), flip and cook the other side, pushing onions back to mingle with the meat. The steaks will be donwithin 90 seconds total, but dont worry if they loiter onthe grill with the onions a few extra minutes.

When ready to serve, take a sharp knife and hack steaks into helter-skelter ribbons, then scoop them up with the onions and load them into the rolls. Immediately spoon on molten cheese and add desired condiments.

Steak um is perfect for this.
“We recommend an order of cheese fries on the side.”
Serves 2 with cheese sauce left over to serve with the fries.

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