More With Malaysia And Draya: Five Things We Learned From Their Breakfast Club Appearance Today

by Blog Burger on September 8, 2012

Draya Michele and Malaysia Pargo have been on a whirlwind press tour this week to discuss the new season of Basketball Wives L.A., and their visit to The Breakfast Club today brought out more than just the usual dirt, as is usually the case on the talk show. So what new and interesting things did we learn about them today? Let’s share:

1. Draya admitted that she considered not returning to the show. “I was definitely on the fence about coming back,” she says. “Just because I felt like the first time around, everybody else got to tell their own stories about me. everyone had their turn to say what they thought about Draya. And I feel like the world sort of believed some of the stuff. The only reason I came back is because now it’s my turn to tell my own story.”

2. Why won’t we see Malaysia’s husband on the show? Even though she says he supports her decision to be on the series “110%,” Malaysia says her hubby is “a different individual and his life path is going somewhere else, so we don’t wanna mix the paths.”

3. Draya is not a third wheel in Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran‘s relationship. “To clear everything up, Chris and Karrueche are in a relationship…I don’t play any part in their relationship, there are no threesomes. Her and I are friends more than him and I are friends.” And since Draya and Chris dated for nine months and remained friends, she also says that Karrueche is not threatened at all by that. “I don’t think I was the ex she needed to be concerned about,” Draya says.

4. Draya is tired of being accused of hollering at other women’s men. From rapper Bun B. to Shaunie O’Neal’s boyfriend Marlon Yates, Draya has been accused of cheating, texting and otherwise trying to woo away men that are with other women, and she wants to set the record straight. “Leave me alone, I don’t want nobody’s man first of all. I’m a girl who’s used to being a relationship. I’m used to having my own, so I don’t need to holler at anybody else’s man.”

5. This Draya line should be put on a bumper sticker: “Your ho-ness can be deleted.”

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