Chrissy And Mr. Jones – Episode 5 – Packing Bags

by Blogburger on October 23, 2012

Chrissy packed her bags to take a much needed break from Jim. Once she was there, Paulina, their housekeeper, stopped by the hotel room to help Chrissy get settled in. Meanwhile Mama Jones and Freddie are in the lab, and by lab we mean Mama Jones’ house, mixing ingredients for her developing fragrance, Pum Kash. The ingredients they’re mixing? Other perfumes with uhh, Moscato. “Isn’t this a perfume that already exists?” Freddie asks. He wants to know how Mama Jones can make her own perfume by mixing perfumes and body sprays that already exist. “No, when you mix two different things together it don’t exist. It’s a whole new existing,” said Mama Jones. “Oh, so you stealing?” Freddie responds. To which Mama Jones proudly responds, “Damn right. I’m making shortcuts.” Then there’s the Moscato. In perfume, folks. Freddie sums it up best. “We can’t tell nobody you wearing Moscato. That s— against the law.”

Talia and Emily are still not seeing eye-to-eye on the fashion line of motorcycle jackets they’re creating. Chrissy meets with the two of them to see the sketches they’ve come up with. But before they get to business Emily pokes fun at Talia by pulling out a vibrator that Talia designed. Talia was not amused. “She get you going and coming, you understand me?” Chrissy says jokingly. The two vent their grievances to Chrissy like two school children tattle telling to their mom. “She called me cheapy, cheapy,” says Emily. Versace or Wal-Mart? That is the question. “Can we please get on the same f—- page?” Chrissy asks. The sketches are a go so there’s only one thing left to do—return to talk of the vibrator. “I’m excited about going home. Matter fact, I got to go. Check please!”

Mama Jones loves her baby. While Chrissy is away Mama Jones stops by to cook for him. More importantly she offers her motherly advice. “Go get in your car and get her,” advised Mama Jones. As much as Jim loves her he says he’s not doing that. What can he do? Jim wants to know. “You have to actually be the one to actually meet her. Not halfway, I think you have to go a little bit before halfway,” said Mama Jones. We think Jim should take heed to what his mom’s telling him. “You got a strong heart, I don’t. I can’t do it. That s— hurts,” he said. Then go get your woman, Jim.

Talia and Emily come over for a girl’s night at Chrissy’s hotel. They come bearing gifts in the form of sex toys. “Are you afraid that you’re going to enjoy this a little too much?” Emily asks. “Yes I am.” At least they were in for a few laughs when they went through the gift basket. “Y’all are horny, I swear to God,” Chrissy said. Of course they are.

Music is Talia’s first passion. Her manager, JoJo Brim, is also her ex-boyfriend. He wants her to choose between the music and the fashion. Their emotional conversation ends with her in tears and JoJo Brim apologizing. What he’s apologizing for is unclear although we have a few guesses. But they’re going to stick it out as singer/manager.

Mama Jones wants her son and Chrissy to get it together. Chrissy needs for Jim to change and things aren’t changing. “So where and what y’all going to do ‘cause I’m so upset behind the whole thing,” Mama Jones says as she puffs her cigarette. Let’s be honest, she’s stressed because she wants that grandchild right now. Mama Jones does understand where Chrissy’s coming from, and understands her son is not the easiest man to deal with. “Do whatever you have to do to make it right.” Mama Jones was emotional because she truly wants to see them work it out and reflects on how she could have saved some of her own relationships. Will they be able to get past this rough patch? Will Jim make the changes Chrissy needs him to make to be happy? We shall see.

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