Wicked Single Episode Two: Chubs’ Dirty Thirty By The Numbers

by Blogburger on March 25, 2013


On Wicked Single, there are two very different ideas of what a party should look, sound, and feel like. Rachel‘s quest to redefine Emily Post’s words for 21st century Boston young professionals continued with a classy wine party in her apartment, complete with a sommelier and some tinsel–but only a small amount of tinsel; too much tinsel is tacky. There’s a fine line separating classy and trashy, andNikki seems to be hovering above it uncertain of where she’ll fall land at the end of the night, while Chubs is up for anything as long as he gets his face on a t-shirt and the smallest possibility of getting laid.

Even though Chubs was turning Dirty Thirty, Rachel found a way to make the event about her, whether by making out with all present and breathing men in sight (minus the birthday boy, his dad, and his roommates) or mouthing off to Chelsi. There were fights, there were falls, and there was at least one incoherent attempt at ordering much needed drunk food.Because this crew goes bigger and harder than anyone else, we thought it appropriate to break tonight’s festivities down accordingly. Read more…

Number Pieces of Chubs-Specific Apparel Seen on the Streets of Boston: 1

Because Dirty Thirty must be celebrated in style.

Wicked Single Chubs' Birthday T-Shirt

“30 YEARS of Sweating, Dancing & Always In a Rage”

Number of Thoughtful Birthday Gifts: 2

Chelsi opted for the sweat-resistant shirt, which should come in handy over the many nights of drunk dancing in his 30th year, while Chrissy went with a fresh box of Hot Pockets, which we know Sir Chubs approves of much more than any Mexican sandwich (a.k.a a burrito). Well done, ladies. Although neither of you gave him what he really wanted for his birthday.

Number of Times Rachel Uttered The Word “Classy”: 5

And yet the night still ended in screams and street fighting. Just because you wish for something really, really, really hard it doesn’t mean it’ll always come true.

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