The 5 Most Important Things To Know About Miami Monkey: Episode 2

by Blogburger on September 16, 2013

Big Ang is back – and naked! – in this week’s f-bomb filled episode of Miami Monkey. We’ve got the 5 most must-see moments from tonight’s Monkey madness. Be ready to watch them at least twice — they’re more addictive than Ang’s brown cigarettes.

1. Gabby can’t handle the heat so she gets out of the kitchen. The heat being her life, the kitchen being Miami. Before she leaves she has a meltdown about missing AJ while Ang – AJ’s mother – is in the show. Angry Ang in a towel is a glorious sight to behold.

2. The bar drama is as big as Morgan’s…well, you know. The Morgan vs. Ryan hate continues to explode, and Morgan seems to be very good at two things: knotting her shirts above her waist and smooth-talking Ang into loving her.

Meanwhile, Roxanne rips Cristina a new one when she’s 30 minutes late to work. It’s the only time all that Staten Island screaming is acceptable because seriously…30 MINUTES?!

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