Overwatch Director Reveals Upcoming Changes During ‘AMA’

by on March 14, 2017

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan took to Reddit last night to answer a commendable number of questions from the community about the state of Overwatch, the direction it’s headed, working at Blizzard, and even fielded personal questions about his journey to game development, life in general, and just getting by in this crazy, crazy world.

We’ve assembled some of the choicest answers below, but you can pick through the whole AMA on Reddit.

“I am looking forward to seeing how the barrier changes play out from the PTR once they go live. We’ve seen that Winston in the hands of the right player — like Miro for example — can be amazing. I think going too overboard with Winston buffs on the eve of Orisa’s release is not wise. So we need to proceed with caution here. We don’t want barriers or tanks getting out of hand. Winston is the least picked hero in the game in case you were wondering.”

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