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by on September 8, 2017

Stock code: 7649 TSE 1, NSE 1 Sugi Holdings Co., Ltd. Industry & Company Overview With you always. All for your smiles. PROFILE Company name Sugi Holdings Co., Ltd. Head office 1-8-4, Mikawaanjo-cho, Anjo- City, Aichi Pref. Establishment Sugi Pharmacy was established in December 1976 to sell prescription drugs and OTC drugs. Founded March 1982 Paid-in capital JPY15,434,588,000 Fiscal year-end End of February Number of shares outstanding 63,330,838 shares Number of stores 1,048 (as of February, 2017) Number of employees 4,927 (full-time) (as of February, 2017) Net sales JPY430,795m (FY ended Feb. 28, 2017- consolidated) Operating Profit… – Health News

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