Twitch Sees No Sign of ‘Bot Activity’ Despite Big Spike in Fortnite Streamer Subscriptions

by on March 7, 2018

Despite a Fortnite streamer gaining tens of thousands of subscribers in less than two weeks, and other streamers seeing surprising jumps in subscriber numbers as well, Twitch has informed IGN there are no signs of “bot activity,” as some have alleged.

The sudden jump in popularity of Ninja, a Fortnite streamer who has, over the past several months, gained over 50,000 subscribers, has caused some to question whether bot accounts or compromised subscriptions were involved, as detailed in Polygon’s report of Ninja’s rise.

This kind of growth is largely unprecedented, but according to a statement sent to IGN by a Twitch spokesperson, the company attributes the increase to active, new Twitch Prime members utilizing free channel subscriptions to contribute to Fortnite streamers, and the company hasn’t seen “any indication of bot activity.”

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